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Carpet Cleaning

At Castle Rock Carpet Care, we use eco-friendly products that leave you with clean, fresh smelling carpets and upholstery every time.  We also offer green products and fragrance free products upon request.  Our fans radically speed up the dry time, especially in higher traffic areas, so we will have you back on your carpets usually within a couple hours at most.


Pet Odor Treatment

Standard cleaning methods for carpets and upholstery will not effectively address pet and other subsurface odors. During inspection, we locate any known and unknown pet accidents and treat them directly with a special treatment prior to the cleaning.  By doing this upfront, we significantly reduce that musty wet dog smell you get with damp carpets and upholstery from cleaning. Our process also removes most alkaline salt stains that are visible under ultra-violet light.  Further subfloor flushing and extraction method is also available.


Area Rug Cleaning

Just like carpets, area rugs also need love.  We clean most rug types including Oriental rugs.  In some instances, we may recommend taking the rug outside or offsite when deep cleaning is needed.


Furniture/Upholstery Cleaning

Revive your furniture and other upholstery to give it that new feeling and look again.  Our cleaning process removes soil build up, allergens, as well as most odors and stains caused by everyday use. Please Note we only schedule Furniture & upholstery cleaning on Saturday's.

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